The Oasis IOP program has truly changed my life for better. I've suffered with depression, anxiety, panic attacks for a very long time, and the supportive atmosphere at Oasis has helped me turn a new leaf. From the incredibly kind staff with extensive knowledge guiding everyone through worksheets to learn coping skill, to all the unique and wonderful people you meet, Oasis has been most helpful therapy experience I've been through. Just hearing others talk about their own lives and realizing you aren't alone in the journey is cathartic and healing. I was jaded about therapy for a long time, and Oasis single-handedly changed my mind. I would recommend Oasis to anyone.

James X

I highly recommend the Outpatient program. I received compassionate and genuine care from all of the clinicians and the doctor. No where else have I progressed so much in 4 weeks. Upon finishing the program my depression has greatly lifted, I know myself more deeply, and I'm armed with healthy coping skills.

I have more hope now and confidence to get back to a better life. Take this time for yourself, it's worth it and you're worth it.

Madeleine X

The day program at Oasis has been a good journey. I have learned coping skills that I can use moving forward. Nadolphia and Erica are great therapists. They have been encouraging throughout my time here. Thank you so much for the time and effort you have invested in me. I will be leaving this program with tools to assist me in future endeavors. Again, Thank you.

Marica X

I have suffered from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, shame etc., most of my life. After attending Oasis Day Program, I learned strategies to change and replace these dark thoughts through collaboration and cognitive behavioral therapy in a supportive atmosphere.

Catherine X